Quote Friday

19 09 2014


The Scots

Quote Friday

12 09 2014

At root, sin is not wrongdoing, it’s wrong adoring.

Tony Reinke

Quote Friday

5 09 2014

Guard your thoughts, and there will be little fear about your actions.

J.C. Ryle

Quote Friday

29 08 2014

The world says, “Perform or perish.” Jesus says, “Rest in my performance and live.”

Sammy Rhodes

Quote Friday

22 08 2014

A small daily task, if it be daily, will beat the labours of a spasmodic Hercules.

Anthony Trollope

Quote Friday

15 08 2014

A big part of forgiveness is surrendering my desire to hurt you for hurting me.

Anthony Luster

Quote Friday

8 08 2014

The church is the only thing that frees a man from the degrading slavery of being a child of his age.

G.K. Chesterton


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