My Church

I am a member of Greenview Evangelical Church on the south side of Glasgow. It’s close to where I live which is one reason why I go, but there are a few others:


  • The teaching is great. The whole Bible, messy bits too.
  • The music is fantastic, and we sing a great range of hymns and songs.
  • The Elders are totally there for us.
  • Whatever your mood, there’s always someone to talk to at the café.
  • Lots of people, across the age ranges, work as long and short term missionaries to share Jesus and strengthen their own faith.
  • Deep friendships. People you can count on whatever happens.
  • Regular Bible studies for all ages and stages in life.
  • Lots of opportunities to pray with others.
  • It’s family – so plenty of irritation, support and love.

I love going there, being there and spending time with the people there.  

Find it at


2 responses

20 04 2009

Do we go to the same church… just kidding.

20 04 2009

Was thinking of you when I wrote the last bullet point…

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