Quote Christmas

24 12 2014

Ah! The poverty, the humility of God reduced to lying on straw in a manger, crying and trembling and breaking Mary’s noble heart. Ask the inhabitants of Bethlehem what they think; if that child had been born in a palace in princely surroundings they would worship him. But ask Mary, Joseph, the magi the priest and they will tell you that they see in this dire poverty something which makes God more glorious, more adorable. What is deprivation to the senses nourishes and strengthens faith. The less there is for the senses, the more there is for the soul.

Jean-Pierre de Caussade


Quote Friday

12 12 2014

Circumstances don’t change your heart. They reveal it.

Sammy Rhodes

Quote Friday

5 12 2014

Be patient with people who make stupid mistakes. You’ll be one of them soon enough.

Kevin DeYoung

Quote Friday

28 11 2014

If you say rocks don’t roll up hill, a group will gather to push one up, and then, when no one is watching, let it go.

John Piper

Quote Friday

21 11 2014

You will never know the fullness of Christ until you know the emptiness of everything but Christ.

C H Spurgeon

Quote Friday

14 11 2014

Every day is important for us because it is a day ordained by God. If we are bored with life there is something wrong with our concept of God and His involvement in our daily lives. Even the most dull and tedious days of our lives are ordained by God and ought to be used by us to glorify Him.

Jerry Bridges

Quote Friday

7 11 2014

The ascension means you can never be on the right side of Jesus and the wrong side of history.

Sam Allberry