Busy, Busy

5 02 2014

“The antidote to busyness of soul is not sloth and indifference. The antidote is rest, rhythm, death to pride, acceptance of our own finitude and trust in the providence of God.”

From “Crazy Busy” by Kevin DeYoung (p102)




3 responses

6 02 2014
Susanne Schuberth (Germany)

Well said, Mr DeYoung, or rather, good choice, Fiona. 😉

Hey, wait a moment……….did you forget the headline ‘Quote Thursday’? And what about tomorrow’s usual ‘Quote Friday’? You leave me confuzzled and speechless (which happens once in a blue moon), my dear Scottish sister.


6 02 2014
Susanne Schuberth (Germany)

Now I see you already posted that quote yesterday. Good morning, Susanne! Therefore it should read ‘Quote Wednesday’ instead of ‘Quote Thursday’.

6 02 2014

Ha ha! The sole purpose of this post was to confound you, Susanne! Quote Friday will be here tomorrow. I’d just been reading that book and thought that that was a great quote worth posting.

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