Hope for 2014

2 01 2014

I love our church services this time of year. All the biz and frantic push to get things “ready” is over. There’s no hype, no tension and we’re all there because we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else to see out the old year and welcome in the new.

On Sunday we heard three people tell – honestly and straightforwardly – how Jesus had worked in their lives this past year. There was no great heroic story, nothing to boast about. It was simply relating how grateful they are to God for his faithfulness in their lives, through good times and hard. Few things encourage us more. It’s the story we all share, the story we know to be true.

On Hogmanay we got together again. After a great party we had a short service where we sang and listened to Ian Mac focussing our hope for 2014 and…forever. Our Living, Good and Blessed Hope.

During 2013 we’ve all messed up, we’ve all been hurt and have (no doubt) hurt someone. We’ve all felt overwhelmed at times. But we were all there. We’re together. We share that Hope. It’s how we face the future.




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2 01 2014
Susanne Schuberth (Germany)

‘We’re together. We share that Hope. It’s how we face the future.’

Amen, Fiona.

Happy New Year to you and to your whole family! 🙂 May the Lord always bless you and protect you in His great love.

I recall having mentioned in my last comment on your site that we had difficult times in our family. Although I wouldn’t say that everything would be better, I increasingly watch myself forgetting problems and bad circumstances more and more. Since I did nothing except intensifying my prayer life, I wonder why I had no clue beforehand how much easier life feels in His constant presence through continual prayer. No, I am no faith heroine or something like that – quite the contrary 🙄 . Everything I now “possess” is a gift from God, an unmerited blessing.
Fiona, I wonder if you know someone who would be interested to read about the easiness of entering into continual prayer? Just in case you know such a man or woman, I dare to link an article on this issue below.


Thank you, Fiona. 😉


10 01 2014

Hi Susanne

Lovely to hear from you! A happy and blessed new year to you and yours also.

Thanks for the link on prayer. I found the article struck a chord too. It underlines the heartbeat of the Christian life – constant and total dependence upon God. So many times we crave an answer, a quick fix, or even a buzz – but for the main part we are asked just to live obedient lives and trust, wait and not lose faith.

I hope we all continue to know and delight in God’s presence this year, Susanne. Keep in touch.

Love Fiona xx

12 01 2014
Susanne Schuberth (Germany)

Hi Fiona,

So glad that you replied to me. Of course, we keep in touch. No question. 😉

I really admire your stamina in continual Bible reading – already for the second year. Hats off, my friend, from Scottish land! 🙂

As for praying, yes, I often read in the past that even the “holiest saints” had neglected it for years, or even decades, until they realized that they missed God.
God never leaves us. His faithfulness is amazing. However, if we don’t know and feel through prayer that He cares for us and protects us in every situation, of what avail is the Christian life then?

You wrote, ‘So many times we crave an answer, a quick fix, or even a buzz – but for the main part we are asked just to live obedient lives and trust, wait and not lose faith.’
I admit that I often thought in the past that my Christian life were all about unanswered questions and struggling from day to day. Very often – no trust, little faith, and obedience…? Regarding obedience, one might think at first of “not sinning” against the law, yet NT Scriptures frequently remind us that obedience is equivalent to love.

“Love does no wrong to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.” (Rom 13:10)

Well, if we don’t experience God’s love being poured into our very hearts (Rom 5:5), how could we ever love anyone? Therefore, I think prayer is really crucial since it deepens the loving relationship with our Creator at a rapid pace.

Love you, Fiona!

See you next time,

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