Bye Bye Andy

31 10 2013

Those of you who frequent Andy Hunter’s Ministry Blog will have noticed that Andy is moving on from his position at Greenview, the church I go to, to take up a new job with FIEC. Our loss is their gain. Andy is undoubtedly ideal for this new role, an exciting and challenging opportunity for him.

We’ll miss him working at Greenview though. Andy has been our teacher, pastor, helper, go–to person for the past nine years and he’ll leave a huge gap when he moves on at the end of this week. He’s not a person to seek the limelight and I don’t want to embarrass him (much) but it would be very remiss of me not to point out some of the things he’ll be missed for:

His teaching. Always sound, faithful and consistently good – as a result he leaves a church which has grown in desire for Bible teaching and desire to apply it to our lives.
His pastoral care. He’s shown interest in and concern for every church member. He’s a good listener, and he always, always brings the biblical perspective to situations.
His sense of humour. He doesn’t just laugh at us, he laughs at himself!
His willingness to serve. There are very few events in the church that Andy hasn’t shown up at and mucked in to help in whatever way he can.
His being there. We’re delighted that Andy, Jessica and the kids are staying at Greenview but we’ll miss Andy working there every day – supporting, encouraging and giving time to people.

There’s loads more I could say, most of it said at his valedictory service last week, but I’ll stop there. His halo shines brightly, as it should. You have been a tremendous example to us all, Andy. Every blessing in your new job.




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