Modern Idolatry

1 05 2013

In my Bible in a Year reading plan I’ve been reading a lot recently about the Israelites; how the nation developed and about them moving into the promised land.

They messed up so bad. They didn’t break down the altars when they entered the land, as they were told to do. Inevitably, they became attracted to the gods of the Canaanites and instead of being faithful to the one true God who had chosen them and brought them into the land, they strayed and began worshiping idols.

“How terrible!” I gasp. “Imagine replacing God with something counterfeit. How could anyone do such a thing – especially after God had been so faithful to them.”

Then I read Tony Reinke’s blog pIece, “Naming False Securities” (sorry, I have no idea how to get the link to work). He quotes from a book by Tim Kellar which suggests some of the idols we might be worshiping in the 21st century. He says humans fit mostly into one of these four categories when it comes to identifying the idols of the heart. See if you recognise yourself:

If you seek POWER (success, winning, influence)…

Your greatest nightmare: Humiliation
People around you often feel: Used
Your problem emotion: Anger

If you seek APPROVAL (affirmation, love, relationships)…

Your greatest nightmare: Rejection
People around you often feel: Smothered
Your problem emotion: Cowardice

If you seek COMFORT (privacy, lack of stress, freedom)…

Your greatest nightmare: Stress, demands
People around you often feel: Neglected
Your problem emotion: Boredom

If you seek CONTROL (self-discipline, certainty, standards)…

Your greatest nightmare: Uncertainty
People around you often feel: Condemned
Your problem emotion: Worry

Eek! Idolatry is live and kicking from where I’m standing.

It was a good heart check-up. Name it and nail it (to the cross!).




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