So Far, So Good

3 04 2013

According to my Bible reading app, I’ve now read 25% of the Bible this year. I’ve become a techno girl since I got an iPad for Christmas. I always thought I’d stick to my old ways with paper bookmarks and scribbles on a “proper” Bible. And here I am, highlighting in different colours, taking notes and bookmarking at the slide of a finger. Very haphazardly, I might add.

The actual reading requires no less effort or commitment but one of the things about my app which I’ve found helpful is that I can listen to the reading sometimes. Ok it’s in a monotonous voice with a bit of a strange accent (yes, I know I’ve a cheek, being Scottish and all) but sometimes I concentrate better if I’m just listening. And I can be doing something else if I’m pushed for time, like ironing or making packed lunches.

The other thing I’m trying to do is write down a verse that strikes a chord each day – in an old fashioned note pad! Mostly just one verse, occasionally a few, that I can read over and pray through at other times.

Notice use of the words “trying”, “sometimes” and “mostly”. My reading and commitment to it is far from perfect but its way better than none at all. Only 75% to go!




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