Quote Friday

18 05 2012

Some seek knowledge for the sake of knowledge.
That is curiosity.
Some seek knowledge to be known by others.
That is vanity.
Some seek knowledge to serve.
That is love.

Bernard of Clairvaux




2 responses

22 06 2012
Susanne Schuberth (Germany)

Hi Fiona,

This is the second time that I dropped in here. Since I am both a “quotes freak” and a fan of Bernard of Clairvaux, I was very attracted by the quote you offer. It hit me home for I discovered recently that it’s absolutely true what Bernard said.

It’s now almost half a year that I am on the Internet writing English comments. Honestly, I was sooo naïve. I always thought that everybody would write the truth about himself/herself (I mean on Christian blogs!). What I found out was saddening – the opposite is true, or in the words of Bernard, “Some seek knowledge to be known by others. That is vanity.“

Also, the last sentence,“ Some seek knowledge to serve. That is love.“ is rarely to find though it exists. What strikes me most is that I discovered that the quality of a blog site is not directly related to the amount of comments/commenters displayed. In other words, it is true that there are Christian bloggers who lead others to believe in the “fact” that their blog is “successful”, i.e. much-frequented, although they themselves write most of those comments using different pseudonyms. They seemingly talk to other commenters, raise questions to attract others, and if nobody replies, they answer themselves using another pseudonym. Not seldom they express in their articles and comments (self-) contradictory opinions to attract a wide range of genuine commenters.

Moreover, some of them process the views/stories of genuine comments (from their own or another blog) further, be that in their articles or even in their sermons without mentioning the source they have tapped in such cases (copyright problem). If this happens “in the world” who doesn’t know God, I would not be surprised, but is this really Christian-like?

Maybe you already know that I came from John Thomson’s blog. By the way, he is the only (male) blogger I came to know who is upright, authentic, and honest. All the others – about 75 per cent (not statistically representative but my personal experience) – lie continually with no repentance/apology as for their story piracy. Isn’t this really saddening?

To put it shortly, Fiona (what is very difficult for me 🙂 ), I like your blog and the thoughtful quotes you are posting here!

Every blessing to you and your family,

23 06 2012

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, Susanne. Good to hear from you. I have seen your comments on JTs blog in the past.

I don’t think I’ve come across the problems you’ve found in the blogging world but I don’t read very many, and hardly any British ones except for JT, Kirsty and Andy Hunter (all in my church). I always enjoy what Tim Challies has to say, and I usually look at the Girl Talk one. I don’t read any others regularly as it takes too long and sometimes the different way of expressing things can grate a bit – us dour Scots are like that!

I used to write more on my blog in the past and always mean to get back to it, but life is busy and I just haven’t had enough inclination to make it happen yet.

But maybe one day! I’m a quotes freak like yourself, so I’ll keep up quote Friday in the meantime.


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