Plum Duffed It

26 11 2011

I made a Christmas pudding this week.

It’s true. About 40 people got together at our church on Monday night. We paid £3 for a ticket which paid for our ingredients, and we each went armed with a mixing bowl, wooden spoon and pudding basin. After some brief instructions we weighed, mixed and beat our way towards domestic god(dess) status. It was a great laugh, and at the end of the night we each had a pudding to bring home, ready to steam.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well I didn’t listen to the instructions properly, and after about half an hour there was the distinct aroma of burning in our house. I rushed to the kitchen, took the pan off the hob and stared in dismay at my burnt pan. I couldn’t work out what the loud cracking sound was but the pudding seemed to be unharmed so I returned it to the heat with more water.

Then I discovered what the cracking sound was. My worktop. Its cracked in two places with a brand new swirl of brown.

This pudding had better taste good on Christmas Day.




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26 11 2011


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