Rank Children?

15 07 2011

Here’s a good read for anyone wonderering how the gospel lives in the lives of mothers.

H.T. girltalk




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16 07 2011

I read the article. I think it is assumptive on the vast majority of mothers, no matter their faith, who treasure their children day to day and make them a priority without questioning (or blogging!) it.
A related but wider point is the negativity of much of what Christians tend to write/preach/discuss. I have pondered this while looking at this, and similar,blogs. While there may be some truth in individual comments, taken as a whole they are not balanced with the positives about humans (whom God created),- the wonders in human daily actions and achievements…. the value and goodness we can actually find the lives of non-Christians. It can be all a bit ‘in the trenches’ against all the wicked who don’t know how to live -obviously. It tends to concentrate on dire warnings against ourselves. in the article the woman is (rightly) positive about her children in the comment,
‘full of good things’. I think we should remember that so are all humans, and be a bit more balanced.

16 07 2011

Thanks for visiting, Olivia. I didn’t think this writer was particularly defensive, or indeed, offensive to those who hold other beliefs. I thought she was just qualifying where she stood against criticism she has faced, and encouraging others to do the same.

But I think I know what you mean. It can all get a bit overbearing sometimes when we read too much of the “we’ve got it sorted” stuff. I try to avoid it so that I don’t get too wound up!

Thanks for commenting.

18 07 2011

It does read as only Christians valuing their children or being sacrificial in their upbringing and the ‘hostile’ hordes being a stumbling block in this e.g. para. 3 their is a sweeping assumption that the general public do not value children. I have found this to be a small minority.
(She may have an issue with society’s under valuing of stay at home mothers which she is projection into this. That is a separate issue.)

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