No-Iron Lady

26 05 2011

I’ve been struggling. Not really with low mood, but with sheer exhaustion and nausea. I went back to the doctor about 4 weeks ago to say that I wasn’t coping – that I was having more bad days than good days and that I could sleep round the clock. My GP stomped about her surgery in a huffy puff and told me that we all have bad days; we just have to learn to live with them. She also told me that I’d have to start coming off the pills I was prescribed twelve months ago.

None of this was making any sense. Not only have I to continue feeling dreadful, but I have to stop taking the one piece of medication that has made me feel better…? Did I challenge any of this at the time? No. I skulked out of the room feeling like a fraud and a time-waster.

Enter my sister-in-law who is also a GP, albeit on the other side of the world. One phone call and several questions later, I promised to go back to another doctor in the practice and ask for my blood to be tested.

It turns out that I have a low iron count (6.1 if that means anything to you). Now I’m on lots of iron tablets and orange juice for the next three months. I’ll keep you posted.




2 responses

26 05 2011

Oh, my, that is LOW! Can’t claim to have noticed you looking pale. Sounds like your GP needs some therapy, or at least empathy.

27 05 2011

GP was having a bad day herself.

My blood count is ok – just my iron level that’s low. I thought they were one in the same. Obviously not.

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