But You’ve Got God!

17 03 2011

Depression keeps its grip. I’m starting to feel better again but I’ve had quite a dip over the past seven or eight weeks.

It was interesting talking to a friend who’s not a Christian. “You’re not supposed to get it,” she said, “you’ve got God.”

I asked her if she thought “having God” is a ticket to an easy life. In that case Christians shouldn’t have accidents, get disease, lose their jobs, get burst pipes in their houses, have bills they can’t pay, and they certainly shouldn’t get depressed.

Well I was able to tell her that “having God” is not about making this life more pleasant. I’m a Christian but I’m no less human. I hurt, get sick, grieve, have hassles, get skint, and face disappointments the same as the next person. The difference is, I have a Counselor, Guide and Friend to turn to and rely on. His love, care and protection see me through the most difficult choices and circumstances.

More than that, he meets my needs at a much deeper level. He’s forgiven me, cleansed me, and given me hope for the future.

I’ve learned so much through this illness. I wouldn’t have chosen depression, but equally, I wouldn’t have missed its lessons.




One response

21 03 2011
John Thomson

Good blog. The lessons are shining through.

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