Living With Depression Part 3

8 11 2010

Here are some more questions I’ve been asked.

Do you think you’re spiritually oppressed?

Eh, no. The Holy Spirit lives in me; I’m a child of the King. The enemy does not get to oppress me. Jesus casts out demons – he doesn’t let them rule where he reigns.

Is it Sunday that’s the problem? You don’t get out as much as you used to.

This is a hard one and definitely one I get most angst about. I have always loved going to church and meeting with my church family. That’s not changed. Having said that, in the early days I found it hard to be around lots of people, and I didn’t want to get into deep conversations with anyone – it was just too exhausting. I still experience a bit of that, but the problem is more that church is at the weekend! From Monday to Friday I manage to get the children out to school, pick them up and drop them off at whoever or whatever, cook the meals, do the washing, do the shopping, manage the cafe, cope with my husband, etc, etc, and I tend to get progressively more tired as the week goes on. By Saturday I’m either having a very long sleep or going back to bed in the afternoon, and Sunday isn’t much different. If I manage to do one activity on each of those days, it’s been a good weekend.

But I’m very grateful I can do all the things I need to do during the week and still get out to church.

I’ll write some more soon about what I’ve been learning.




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10 11 2010
John Thomson

Know exactly what you mean. Honest blog. And helpful.

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