Living With Depression Part 2

6 11 2010

I’ve been asked quite a lot of questions over the past few months. I like that. I like it when people are upfront and genuinely interested in trying to understand what it’s like to live with a mental illness, or just want to know if I’ve made progress. I have had one or two odd questions too. Here’s a flavour of what I’ve been asked and how I answered, or wish I had answered!!

Have you had depression before?

Yes, I had it in my early twenties for about a year. I needed medication then as well.

Do you cry a lot?

No. I don’t think I’ve cried at all. I’m not sure if that’s because I don’t seem to have the range of feeling/emotion I normally have, or because I haven’t suffered from the anxiety that often accompanies depression. But I’m not tearful (so far, anyway) and I’m really glad. That would be hard for the family to live with!

What do you think caused it?

I don’t know – other than a chemical imbalance; it tends to be hereditary, and my make-up as a person probably lends itself to it. One of the most helpful books lent to me by a friend is called “Why am I Crying?”. It tells how one woman dealt with her depression and what she has learned. I’m planning to blog parts of it that apply to me over the next week or so.

How are the kids affected by it?

Until recently I said that they’ve not really been aware of it, other than noticing that I seem to be needing to sleep a lot.  I’ve not sat them down and explained my illness to them – there hasn’t been the need to –  and I don’t want them to be concerned about something they don’t need to be.  Then I discovered at least one of them reads my blog!  A lesson on how modern day families communicate!




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