Jesus is Coming

19 10 2010

The Second Coming was a regular preaching topic at the church where I grew up.

It rarely filled me with joyful anticipation, however. It was more the “be prepared or be scared” variety. And I was terrified. I had to get “saved” many times for fear I’d be the only one left in the house if Jesus came back and He hadn’t heard me and saved me the first time. Even when I got past that particular fear, I went to bed feeling guilty if I hadn’t cleaned my room or hung up my clothes. We’d been warned repeatedly that if Jesus came during the night, it would be a bad testimony to those who came into the house after we’d gone if they found a mess.

I can look back now and chuckle through gritted teeth. What a poor emphasis. That’s so not representative of what the Bible teaches.

Enter Andy Hunter and the sermons he’s preached the past two Sunday nights at our church. You won’t regret setting time aside to listen to these messages. Biblical, informative, balanced, encouraging, and full of hope.

I wanted to shout about it from the roof when I got home.

Link for 1st sermon.
Link for 2nd sermon to follow.




2 responses

20 10 2010
Linda watson

I wholeheartedly identify and agree with your comments. I missed the first of Andy’s sermons but heard the second. I almost shouted ‘Amen’ and in fact I think someone did!!! However, in the churches of our upbringing, with all their failures, silence following a sermon on the Lord’s return would have been unheard of!

10 11 2010
Jesus is Coming « Feemail

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