Hope Ahead

9 09 2010

I’ve banged on about depression for long enough. I don’t want to depress you further 🙂 but I’ll close with this.

One thing that I have found to be extremely helpful is reading through the Psalms and the book of Job. Being a Christian doesn’t mean I’m exempt from the hassles and problems of life, but being a Christian does give me assurance that no matter how dark the day, no matter how awful I feel, God is not only with me, He’s working in me and through me.

The Psalms have taught me that God knows and understands what’s going on in my life. In these songs and poems, He has given me words to express my feelings and recorded other responses which I can give in this situation – which honour God and help me. The victory I find in Him is far greater than any trouble I face. That victory comes through Jesus, who has conquered death and saved me for eternity. That’s a fact – no matter how I’m feeling.

Job has taught me that we’re not always aware of the reason(s) behind our trials. What is vital is that we trust God through them, regardless of our feelings, or what others say to us.

It’s also good to mourn with those who mourn.




2 responses

10 09 2010

I think we have to look at causes too. Events and circumstances can trigger anxiety and depression. As christians we can try to rise above these to ‘prove’ourselves and never actually address them.

16 09 2010

You’re dead right.

Sometimes there are obvious circumstances such as loss of job, bereavement, relationship disaster etc.

When there’s no obvious cause of depression, as in my case, I think it’s harder to understand. The “give yourself a shake – you’ve nothing to be depressed about” remedy doesn’t seem to work. Neither does the “pray more, give more, repent more, socialise more, exercise more, etc,” one.

My doctor told me I needed medication to get a help up – but that I also needed to look at my lifestyle to determine what I wasn’t able to cope with, and address it. It’s my responsibility to do both and not just aim for the quick fix which wouldn’t help long term. It’s quite hard to work it out though!

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