Typecasts and Comforters

6 09 2010

Depression comes in many types and forms, and there’s no quick fix or easy way to find the right treatment for it.

One of the hardest things to cope with, as a sufferer, is the well-meaning-haven’t-a-clue-what-I’m-talking-about-advice-givers – who appear to be descended from the friends of Job. Of course, I don’t “look like a depressed person”. Nor am I the “depressed type”. There is no such person, any more than there’s a type of person who gets a low thyroid function, or asthma. I have confessed and repented of all my known and unknown sin – and I still have depression. The same as a person who would still have cancer or high cholesterol.

Fortunately, my many supportive and understanding friends have kept me sane. They have listened, given me space, encouraged me to rest, gently pointed out areas of madness they see in me, and have given sound advice. You know who you are…




One response

7 09 2010

watch out for the ones who have an assumption that your faith is weak also (although they will never actually say it but might as well, – oh and the ones who, if you were to make a mistake in your weakened state, come galloping over the hills with a form of discipline in their mind and step back from you – for their own sakes. support can get a bit too grubby sometimes.

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