What to Do?

25 08 2010

Depression creeps up slowly and I’m discovering it also leaves slowly. It’s not until I look back that I realise just how much I’ve been struggling – and for how long. I’m also aware that I have some way to go before I could say, for sure, that I’m better.

In the meantime I’m:

  • taking the rest as and when I need it.
  • speaking to friends who are helpful to talk to.
  • spending more time in the open air.
  • taking the pills.
  • gradually starting to read books again – my concentration was too poor for a while.
  • enjoying doing what I’m doing now, and not looking too far ahead.
  • being as busy as I can be without draining myself.
  • trusting God, who has always held my hand, to keep me through this stage of life. Isa 10 v 43



One response

26 08 2010
Andy H

Thanks for these posts – really helpful. A good reminder about the need to ‘watch our lives closely’. An old Methodist minister wrote : ‘your emotions can be ‘ill’ as well as your body, and they can cause in both body and mind a state of dis-ease’. Yours blogs open a window into understanding & having insight into some of the causes of such dis-ease – and hopefully can save us from unwarranted guilt or impaitence with others. The Lord bless.

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