Starting Point

23 08 2010

I went to the doctor expecting to get iron tablets. I’d had a long spell of tiredness and frequent migraines which made me think I had a recurrence of anemia. I was a bit taken aback when the doctor chatted for a while and asked me to fill out a chart about my mood. Even at this point I stopped and said “I’m not in a bad mood!” The penny dropped, however, and I had to acknowledge I hadn’t been feeling well for some time. I don’t just mean I felt tired and a bit overwhelmed – that’s called “life”. I had got to the stage where I was no longer able to do the basic requirements to keep my home and family operating efficiently. And I was feeling terrible.

The difficulty is – how do you know you feel different from most other people?? It’s so insidious! I kept thinking I needed to be more organised, better rested, a bit more exercise (always a challenge), better routines, etc, etc. In short, it’s my fault things aren’t going well. I must be lazy. Other people seem to manage. I’m a wimp.

Well, that might all be true but I was also unwell. I was diagnosed with depression which unfortunately, although very treatable and very common, has a stigma attached to it.




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