Temples Old and Older

11 08 2010

I’ve often wondered what the temple looked like when Jesus was on earth. This gives an idea.

Even more fascinating is the temple that Solomon built. All that gold! I’m not sure if this is a completely accurate representation but it seems to fit the description quite well.




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12 08 2010

I like it!
As you say, some of the details may not be quite right (the tower thing at the front, for example, and the decoration doesn’t look from the right period.) But the overall effect is pretty impressive. I like the concertina doors.

I’d never really thought what a building actually lined with gold would look like.

17 08 2010
Neil McAllister

The tower is due to 2 Chr 3:4 giving the height of the porch as 120 cubits. The Septuagint and Syriac and most modern translations give it as 20 cubits.

As for the gold, I would expect it wouldn’t be as bright – there are only small windows at the top and oil lamps to light it – but it would certainly glitter. Maybe I’m wrong and ten lampstands with seven lamps each (assuming they follow the pattern in the tabernacle) would be fairly bright. (Having done some brief research – I think it might be about equivalent to one 100W light bulb – although as 70 flickering points).

Also, I’m not sure about the steps. Most pictures I’ve seen show steps, but there is no mention of them and the altar specifically had a ramp, not steps up to it “lest your nakedness be exposed on it” – so I would assume the same rules would apply to the temple.

19 08 2010

Thanks for your comments, guys. They’re very helpful. I wondered about the steps, too. I thinka ramp is more likely.

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