You Can Change

27 04 2010

I’m finally getting round to reading this book by Tim Chester. I should have done so eons ago. The introduction tells us the book is about hope, the hope we have in Jesus; hope for forgiveness, but also about hope for change.

A few quotes from the first chapter:

“We often excuse our actions by saying, “I’m only human”. There’s nothing “only” about being human: we’re truly human as we reflect God’s glory.” p15

“For Jesus, holiness meant being set apart from, or different from, our sinful ways. It didn’t mean being set apart from the world, but being consecrated to God in the world. He was God’s glory in and for the world.” p16

“I want to be like Jesus…but…I need more than an example. I need help. I need someone to change me. Trying to imitate Jesus on its own only leaves me feeling a failure. I can’t be like him. I can’t match up. I need sorting out. I need rescuing. I need forgiveness.” p19-20

“For us, holiness consists not in heroic acts but in a thousand small decisions.” p24




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