Potter and Clay

22 03 2010

I often used to say to myself when my children were very small that my life was on hold just now and that I’d pick it up again later. I was meaning my “spiritual” life – service for God, reading and studying his Word, being super holy, etc.

I was stupid. God had me where he wanted me, doing what he’d given me to do. I foolishly imagined that I’d be making much better progress as a Christian if I were in a different set of circumstances. It was hard to understand that this was the training ground God had prepared – when I was struggling to get by on very little sleep, doing very little to help anyone or anything outside our home.

But the place where we are is the place where God meets us. It’s where his strength overcomes our weakness, and where we grow in his grace. Once we give ourselves completely to him, he can mould us and shape us.

“I am content to fill a little space if God be glorified.”
Susanna Wesley, mother of John and Charles Wesley



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25 03 2010
John Thomson

Like it.

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