It Doesn’t Add Up

16 03 2010

I’m half way through Numbers.

Moses had asked twelve of the leaders to explore the promised land and report back to the community. Two were positive about their findings, but ten were negative. The Iraelites listened to the majority and bottled it.

It’s breathtaking. If ever there was a time to reflect on God’s goodness and repeat his promises to them, this was it. These people had had the best rescuing, protecting, provision and guidance imaginable, and yet the minute they were faced with a challenge, they howled like whipped puppies and refused to trust God.

Their rebellion cost them their future. Rather than enjoying life in the land flowing with milk and honey, they trudged through the wilderness for the rest of their lives. God still cared and provided for them, but they missed out on his best.

Can we learn any lessons here?




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