You’re Fed Up With Church?

8 03 2010

You’ve got to read this book, Why We Love the Church. Can’t plug it enough. It helps us strip back all the nonsense we can get caught up in and points us to the heart of the matter.  Here’s a taster from the last chapter:

In our hypertherapeutic culture, we all need to realise that sometimes being in touch with our pain and being real about our doubts and authentic about our struggles is a form of narcissism and self-absorption more than maturity. We could all use a little less complaining and a little more gratitude. It’s easy to blast the church for all its failures. Its harder to live in it day after day, year after year, with all its ho-hum humdrum and slowly, consistently make a difference.”

and later,

With all the ugly sausage making I’ve seen in the church, I’ve also witnessed incredible sacrifice and generosity. I’ve marvelled a number of times at why all these people voluntarily show up for worship on Sunday, give of their time and money, and commit to loving those who are or once were complete strangers.”

His advice is:

Find a good local church, get involved, become a member, stay there for the long haul. Put away thoughts of revolution for a while and join the plodding visionaries. Go to church this Sunday and worship there in spirit and truth, be patient with your leaders, rejoice when the gospel is faithfully proclaimed, bear with those who hurt you, and give people the benefit of the doubt.”




2 responses

10 03 2010
John Thomson

An excellent quote. I couldn’t agree more.

10 03 2010
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