1 03 2010

On Saturday at our church, the whole of the New Testament was read aloud. One great guy in the church organised a timetable and a list of who would read what and when. People could come and go, listen, read, stay for a coffee, come back later… it was a great day.

Now I didn’t stay from 6.30am until 1.15am the following morning, although some did. I only popped in for a while to listen in the morning and then back to read for my 15 minute slot in the afternoon. It was such a blessing.

There’s something compelling about reading the Bible publically. It’s not like any other book. It’s the living Word of God and those who read and those who hear have to respond.

Imagine we responded the way the Israelites did in the book of Nehemiah. The people had just finished rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem and they all came together to ask Ezra, the scribe, to read the law of Moses to them – probably the whole of the first five books of the Old Testament. The men, women and children stood and listened from early morning until noon, then “they bowed down and worshipped the Lord with their faces to the ground.”

It presents a powerful picture. I’m not suggesting we do that for the next readathon. I’m grateful to have my own Bible and to be able to read it whenever I want to. I just love the idea that God’s people, past and present, hanker after his Word.




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