On Fire

25 02 2010

Reading through Leviticus is a little more challenging. I find it hard to stay focussed on the long lists of detailed instructions.

The demise of Nadab and Abihu in chapter 10 grabbed my attention, though. These were Aaron’s sons and fellow priests. They’d seen God do great things – deliver his people through a sea on dry land, water from rocks, manna from heaven, to name but a few. They were even doing priestly duties when… fire burned them up!

So what went wrong? Just prior to this, they’d been involved in the original consecration of the Tabernacle and had been commended for doing everything the Lord had commanded (Lev 8 v 36). Was it tiredness, indifference, carelessness, or outright rebellion that caused them to burn the wrong kind of fire and invite God’s wrath?

We don’t know exactly, but God took it very seriously. He’d laid out a clear directive and they’d treated it with blatant disregard. You can’t do that with God. He is holy and his commands mustn’t be taken lightly, as Nadab and Abihu discovered.

Sin has deadly consequences.




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