Don’t Make ’em Like They Used To

17 02 2010

Moses is intriguing. He spent forty years learning to be a somebody, forty years learning to be a nobody, and forty years learning what God can do with a nobody. He must be the toughest guy ever – mentally as well as physically. Few of us softies could meet the pressures and demands he faced in the last third of his life.

He stood up to the Pharaoh and freed all his slaves. He led this nation through a sea – on dry ground. He then led these two million people through the wilderness for forty years, ruled in their disputes, gave them the ten commandments and instructed them in the law – all without facebook or even an iphone. He wrote the first five books of the Bible, set up the Tabernacle, ordained the priests, wrote songs, interceded frequently for the people when they rebelled against God and, despite giving the people his all, he had to deal with unjustified attacks on his character.

Moses had ability and strength that we can only dream of. It didn’t come from nowhere. The education he received in the palace, and the training and expertise he developed in the desert gave him a skill set and a tenacity that God was able to use. And Moses was faithful. He just kept on obeying God.




One response

27 02 2010
John Thomson

Been reading Exodus recently too. You’re right, God shaped him – 80 years for 40 years. Yet Moses feels his own inadequacy. He keeps raising ‘buts’ to the Lord to which the answer is always ‘I am with you’. Moses had to learn to trust that his weakness was the opportunity for God’s power. Its a lesson we all find difficult.

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