The Struggle Within

15 02 2010

I’ve enjoyed reading through Genesis and Exodus this new year. The stories of how the families behaved make mine look entirely functional.

Look at Rebekah when she was expecting twins, Jacob and Esau. Before they were even born, she knew there was a struggle going on. When she prayed about it, she was told, “two nations are within you… one stronger than the other… the older shall serve the younger.” (Genesis 25 v 23)

And that’s exactly what happened. Not only does that story give comfort – God has a plan and a purpose for all our families – I quite like the picture it gives of ourselves and the struggle we have within us.

If we are Christians, we have two natures within us wrestling for control. The older (old nature or flesh) must submit to the younger (new nature or spiritual). Which one will win? The one we feed, protect, nurture and develop.




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