Prepare to Pray

2 02 2010

Prayer is so easy to cut out of our lives – no-one sees you do it and there are many distractions. Yet Jesus always took himself off to pray, maintaining his close relationship with his Father. Private prayer is a necessity for us.

How to make it happen?

  • find a place and time free of distractions – early in the day before demands take over
  • speak out loud – it helps to keep focus and reinforce the reality that we’re speaking to the living God
  • use a template – pray through a Psalm, the Lord’s Prayer (Matt 6), ACTS

Find it hard?
Pray about it – tell God (he knows already) and ask him by his grace to create desires to deepen our relationship with him.

How long?
There is no magic number. Proverbs 3 v 5,6 tell us to take all aspects of our lives to him; fears, hopes, concerns, etc. It’s as natural as being with a friend – some conversations are short and to the point, others are more of a heart to heart.

Should we fast?
Jesus assumes this is something his followers would do, and the apostles did it (Acts 13). We may wish to do it when seeking guidance over a particular issue or on a regular basis for something that concerns us. To do this (even for one meal a week) helps to:

  • free up time
  • give a physical nudge to remind us
  • makes a statement that we’re prioritising/taking hold of God above our own desires.

Prayer is part of a sensible, purposeful relationship – not superstition. When God works in and through us, our efforts have spiritual significance.

Thus was the series on prayer rounded off at church on Sunday.  It was good.




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