Unanswered Prayer

24 01 2010

This was today’s tricky subject at Church. We were taught that there is no neat formula in prayer, and prayer not getting answered is often harder to deal with emotionally than it is intellectually. Four suggestions were given for unanswered prayers. They may be:

  • Inappropriate or frivolous – out of line with God’s character.
  • Irresponsible – a smokescreen for our own inactivity.
  • Due to sin in our lives, sin we want to keep – Psalm 68v18.
  • An answer deferred – God is a wise trainer, not a cosmic slot machine.

God doesn’t make mistakes, we do. Imagine all our prayers were answered the way we wanted, when we wanted. Are we up to that kind of responsibility? Eh, no. Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane that if possible, could he dodge the cross. We should thank God every day that he didn’t answer that prayer.




One response

25 01 2010

I agree. We are the ones who make the mistakes…But, thank God for His mercy and grace!

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