Swans and Whales

8 01 2010

Recent back problems forced me to go to an exercise class this morning. Bad enough, but it was in the ballet school which meant it was mostly attended by current and ex-ballerinas. Oh the irony.

It was bad enough that the ballerinas could actually do the stretches without so much as a grimace but even worse, they looked the part. Slim bodies, black leotards, black leggings and ever so cute ballet pumps. I burst into the class (15 minutes late, of course) with my £3 joggers and my new lime green Christmas sweatshirt with the words, “reduce your carbon footprint – stay in bed” emblazoned across the front. In my bare feet. I felt like the lead part in a Dawn French sketch.

They asked about “deepening” parts of the body I was just finding out were there. When we did swan dips, they looked like swans. When we did cat curls, they looked like cats. I was just trying not to break wind. I knew I wasn’t imagining how bad I was when the trainer looked over to me at one point and just started laughing.

A great lesson in humility. And one I have to repeat next week.




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