Don’t be Disillusioned

9 12 2009

Buy this book for yourself with your Christmas money or book tokens. It’s written by Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck and the title is “Why We Love The Church – in praise of institutions and organised religion”. How uncool is that? Here’s a snippet:

Are you making an idol out of authenticity?

The Bible is all for honesty, truth, and sincerity, but authenticity is something a little different. If authentic is simply the opposite of fake, contrived, and hypocritical, then I’m all for it. I like people who are honest with their feelings and open about their struggles. But godliness demands a lot more than just being real. In fact, godliness demands that we stop acting like we want to and start acting like Christ. I sometimes find, especially among my peers, that authenticity is not a self-abasing means of growing in holiness, but a convenient cover for endless introspection, doubt, uncertainty, anger, and worldliness. So that if other Christians seem pure, assured, and happy, we despise them for being inauthentic.





One response

20 12 2009
John Thomson

Yep. Good quote. Looks like a good book. You can pass it on to me when you’ve finished it.

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