Cultured Tyre Style

3 12 2009

I’ll start with a subject close to my heart. Food. We went to the local bakers to get breakfast which looked and tasted like a pizza. It had cream cheese and thyme on a pizza base. It was good. Around mid-morning we tried Arabic coffee. It was disgusting. It tasted like 25 shots of coffee condensed into a dolls tea cup. At lunch time I fell in love with falafel – don’t ask me what it is – and for dinner we had takeaway vegetable pizza. Very nice.

We met lots of Andrea’s colleagues and friends throughout the day on Friday, as well as walking round the ruined hippodrome, the school she works at, and the streets of Tyre. All sights worth seeing but quite hard to describe. A Health and Safety official from the UK would peg it if they could see the electricity wires hanging loose from poles and walls; building sites on every corner without a cone or striped tape in sight; several people (including a very small baby) on the back of a moped; small children letting off fireworks on the streets as you walk by. All very lively, colourful and very, very noisy.

Our cultural senses have been awakened. We get smoked out tomorrow.




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