Tyred Out

2 12 2009

Well Andrea was true to her word – we didn’t pause for breath the whole time we were there. Over the next couple of days I’ll share some of the highlights of our trip.

We arrived late on Thursday night and were met by Andrea in Beirut airport. We were the first passengers in her new car and there started the hair raising journey to Tyre. The funniest part was watching John, not the best passenger in the world, trying to stay calm. Out came the inhaler and the car was lit up by his white knuckles. I should add at this point that this is not a criticism of Andrea’s driving – she drives like a pro. But it took a bit of getting used to cars and lorries coming up the highway towards you with no lights on, motorcyclist with no helmets doing wheelies down long stretches and the few existing sets of traffic lights being completely ignored.

It was around midnight when we arrived in Tyre but shops were open, people were driving about incessantly tooting their horns to claim space that wasn’t there, mopeds (very few with lights) were worse than midgies. We got to Andrea’s flat – fortunately the lift was working this time – and fell into a heap. At least, we thought, we can sleep in tomorrow. Ha! I discovered I’d left my sense of humour on the plane when the “call to prayer” was chanted from loud speakers on the local mosque at 5am.

More tomorrow.




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