Fight the Battle

31 08 2009

Do you ever step out in faith and then start to question yourself because it doesn’t seem sensible? Even other Christians are lined up with their pins to burst your bubble. I’ve felt like that many times.

I’ve settled the matter with God, prayed it through, determined my course of action, then have been easily knocked off course at the first hurdle because other people think I’m mad, and I get cold feet.

The Israelites could teach us a thing or two about this. (See Joshua 6). God had told them to do something which didn’t seem sensible and they stepped out in faith. Here’s what happened:

They were up against a brick wall.

They were going round in circles.

They were being mocked.

They must have had serious doubts.

They probably didn’t feel like doing it.

Oh man, what must it have felt like when they gave that shout and the walls came tumbling down?? It made sense now. God was definitely in it. There was no shame, no embarrassment now. There was victory, joy and a stronger faith. Because they ignored the crowds, kept going and did what God told them to do.




One response

15 10 2009
John Thomson

Good. I like it.

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