Access All Areas

20 08 2009

Last week I attended the funeral of my very dear friend, Isobel. She was one of the loveliest Christians I’ve known. She always had something to share that made sense and helped you on your way. Here is one of them.

She’d read a book which was saying that our lives are like a house and the Holy Spirit must be allowed to fill every room – access all areas. She believed she’d done that.

Then she thought about the cupboard under the stairs. It was crammed full of little fears – the “what ifs”, the uncertainties. They weren’t out in the hallway to trip over, she didn’t see them to occupy her mind, she didn’t dwell on them. But they were there. Crammed in. Door shut.

She decided to bring each one out, one by one, and hand it over to God.   In so doing, she was released from her fears and was filled by God’s Spirit.

I think I may have a bit more than just one cupboard to deal with…




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