Final Feelings

10 07 2009

One last word about feelings (for the time being..)

They’re unreliable.

God doesn’t love me more because I can’t get a praise song out of my head, or I have a warm glow inside me, or because I did some good deeds.  He doesn’t love me less because I messed up again, or I’ve been a bit cold and distant towards Him, or I just forgot about Him.  That’s where His words and His promises come in, and that’s why we need to read them regularly to remind ourselves.

They’re reliable.




One response

28 07 2009
Linda Watson

How timely. Yesterday my only daughter got married at the (nowadays) tender age of 20. How often I’ve boasted that there’s no way I’ll have “empty nest syndrome”. I’d be quite happy when there was one less to cook, clean, run around after. Oh dear….not what I’m feeling today. However, having just read this wise comment I can first of all repent of thinking I always know how I’ll feel and be in control at all times. Secondly, be thankful for the past 20 years and praise God that yesterday afternoon a new christian marriage began which we had the honour of sharing with so many dear friends and family.
Thank you my friend for your willingness to write what’s been placed on your heart and thanks to God for your gifts.

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