Waging War

2 07 2009

I’m reading a book called “The Enemy Within” by Kris Lundgaard.  What a fantastic book.  There’s no-where to hide.  In chapter 8 he talks about our being “hooked” into sin.  He says,

“Remember that the mind is the watchman of the soul.  Its duty is to discern and judge what words, actions, desires, thoughts, beliefs and emotions will please the Lord.  The affections, when they are working as they should, long for and cling to what the mind says is pleasing to God, and are repulsed by what angers him.”

Isn’t that spot on?  We are in charge of these matters.  We are given the ability to discern and control what infiltrates our minds.  But isn’t it the case that we quickly cave in and hand authority over to our sinful natures?  So often we have a need, an urge, a feeling that must be met and we hold ourselves hostage to – simply because we allowed the seed to be sown in our minds in the first place.  Once we allow it house room, we’re at its mercy: the feelings become stronger than our brains and for that reason it becomes harder and harder to resist temptation.  Our desire to please God is shot to pieces.

Peter says in chapter 2 of his first book that we have to “abstain from sinful desires which war against our soul.” Sin is so soft, so tempting, so alluring and so immediately gratifying that we totally lose sight of the fact that we’re in a war: the war to protect our minds from the evil one; the war to protect God’s Holy Name; the war to trust Him and obey Him even when it’s hard.




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