Praise Gathering

12 06 2009

What a night!  I’m not one to rave as you know, but it would be a criminal offence not to tell you how fantastic Praise Gathering at the Glasgow Concert Hall was tonight.  Over 400 singers, joined by Brad Goodine and Bethany Goodine, and Keith and Kristyn Getty, backed by a first class band, and all held together expertly by Ian Watson.  A feast of delight, rounded off by the wonderful sound and style of 17 year old Gamucharai Nhengu.

I think Saturday night tickets are all but sold out, but there are still tickets available for Sunday night, 7.30pm.  It’s a night you will remember for a long time for lots of reasons:  the joy of singing praise to God with such a large number of people, the uplifting effect on the emotions of such singing, the building and strengthening of relationships as old and new faces surround you, and the sheer delight of excellent music on the ears.  It makes you long for heaven.




2 responses

15 06 2009
Morag Henderson

As a new christian, often having moments of doubt I found the praise gathering (Sunday night) beautiful, uplifting and faith affirming. I believe no-one would fail to be moved by the sound of music filling the theatre especially Gamucharai (a star is born!).

I praise the Lord for my friends who insisted on taking me along to the gathering. Absolutely life changing.

God bless x

16 06 2009

Agree with all of the above. Was also there on Sunday, which was, somehow, even better.

It was oxygen for the soul.

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