Post BGT Trauma

2 06 2009

It’s over.  The final curtain has come down.  We can get back to normal life once more.  Britain’s Got Talent is gone for another year.

I’m finding it hard to have an opinion on anything without Simon telling me what it should be.  I feel like I must have a heart of stone after watching Amanda gushing over with emotion, induced by random taste and vanity.  And Piers has shown the nation how to turn the vulgar into compulsive viewing and make it look respectable.

But I watched it – every episode, like an addict to a fix.  And I enjoyed it.  I haven’t enjoyed a good cringe like that since “The Office”.  It has also made me think about how blessed I am to have no talent.




2 responses

3 06 2009

Oh I wouldn’t say that, Fiona (not Fee, having read your earlier blog!). Haven’t I seen you juggling home life, working in the cafe, being married to that John…. You should try dangling a pick axe from your earrings and smashing a plate with it. Now, THAT was talent.

3 06 2009

That is real talent, but I don’t have my ears pierced so I can’t do that.

I was thinking I might practise my opera singing and get John to work on his flower arranging…?

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