20 05 2009

Have you noticed how little of it there is about?  I have had the misfortune to be in a recent road accident and had to report it at the local police station. The policeman was very pleasant and helpful and assured me of their dedication to the case.  Four days later, having heard nothing, I phoned to enquire as to how the investigation was going.  The thing that upset me the most was not so much that nothing had been done and no-one knew anything about it, but it was the fact that as I rang off, the police officer said, “Bye, Fee.”  Fee!!!  He doesn’t know me, hasn’t met me, it’s not my name, and I don’t like strangers being that familiar with me.

Before you all start calling me Fee to wind me up, I don’t care what my friends call me (within reason).  But I don’t think I’m just being old fashioned by expecting a complete stranger to call me by my proper name when I’m asking for a public service.




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