Just Do It

6 04 2009

I was flicking through a magazine in the dentist’s waiting room recently when I came across an article about bad manners. The writer wasn’t complaining about a lack of “please” and “thank you”, but had observed that people pretty much please themselves when it comes to invitations from others. One of the recent trends that the writer found irritating is that her friends now ask who else is invited – so that they can decide if it is worth accepting the invitation or not. Even if they have accepted, it’s not unusual for them to call off at the last minute because they fancy a night at home with the TV instead.

I’ve noticed this sort of trend and it really bugs me. People say that they will do something and then don’t. There can be several legitimate reasons, but unless the person (I’m feeling soft so I’ll include “or a close relative”) has died, there are no good reasons. What are you if your word means nothing? Don’t dismiss it as…

  • They won’t mind
  • I’m too tired
  • They’ll manage without me
  • I’m too important for this
  • I’m too busy
  • I keep forgetting

Just for the record…

  • People do mind
  • Don’t take it on in the first place
  • They might, but they’ll be discouraged
  • No you’re not
  • Apologise that you’ve taken on too much and pull out when it’s convenient
  • Notebooks are 10p in Asda



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