Moral Dilemna

31 03 2009

I read a good article about the rise in teen pregnancies by Jenny McCartney. She sums it up nicely with the last paragraph:

It’s time we stopped telling teenagers lies, that sex is inherently carefree, contraception infallible, abortion a casual technical procedure. Yet these are precisely the myths that the Government’s escalating strategy seems designed to promote, at the same time as effectively dangling early motherhood as a state-subsidised career option to those with few other prospects. On current form, no one should be surprised if, 10 years hence, our politicians are still poring over the teenage pregnancy statistics and wondering where it all went wrong.

She stops short however of saying what the solution is. How do we convince our young people that they’ve been sold a lie and that their promiscuous behaviour will damage them physically and emotionally for life? How do we instil a sense of responsibility in them which would make them think outside the box of me, my instant gratification and my every whim being met here and now? How do we give them the courage to make good choices, the right choices and not be constantly bowing to pressure?

I wish I had all the answers. But a start could be made with the adults in their lives taking up their own responsibilities and making the right choices, regardless of their “feelings”. Another inroad could be made by encouraging parents to teach high moral standards to their children. We’re told that while it’s acceptable to give our children information about sex, we’re not supposed to impose our views on sexual behaviour onto them.  Why not? We do it in every other area of life – why not the area of sex? It’s perfectly ok for me to say to my teenager, “Do your homework.” But it’s not PC for me to say, “Don’t sleep around.” Eh?




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