When the Rubber Hits the Road

30 03 2009

We have our faith. We might even be proud of it. We can articulate it to others. We know what’s important in life and that Jesus is the answer to our every need. We can recite various verses from the Bible to back it up. But without proof, it’s still just a theory.  How can we prove it is more than that?

All it takes is one test to find out.

Illness strikes, someone dies, you are let down, you sin in a way you never thought you would, you just can’t forgive someone, you get overlooked for promotion, your money disappears, you think you hate someone, a friend stabs you in the back, you get “caught”…

What do you do?

  • You turn to your theory; you try to recite it because you know it ought to be true but the words sound hollow and useless, so you declare it irrelevant. Then you huff and stomp, tell yourself you’re special and your circumstances are unique, and blame others. You decide what’s best to do and take charge.


  • You turn to your theory; you recite it because it’s true, confess your sin, take God at His word, trust and obey Him. You might not be happy, you probably won’t have all the answers, you may have to do it all again tomorrow, but you know that He knows best and He’s in charge, and you can rest on His promises.



3 responses

30 03 2009

So what you’re really saying then is that the only proof you have that your theory is true is to convince yourself that it is? That doesn’t seem like proof, only reiterating that what you believe is true. Maybe I’m reading this wrong – can you explain what you meant?

30 03 2009

Hi, thanks for your comment.

I didn’t think that I was saying you just have to convince yourself, although looking at my post again I can understand why it could be read that way. What I’m saying is that we put what we claim to believe to be true into practice – not giving in to worry, fear, panic or whatever, but trust what God says in His Word. Then we live it out by trusting His faithfulness, knowing that He keeps His promises, allowing ourselves to be comforted – and live our lives on that basis.

It’s age old stuff, but if our feet are on a rock, we’ll stand firm when storms come. If we’re just saying our feet are on a rock but they’re not, we’ll fall over when storms come. But it’s only when the storm comes that we find out.

When I mentioned that we may have to do it all again tomorrow, I didn’t mean that we convince ourselves to believe it again the next day. Rather that we may need to pray about it all again and again, often unpeeling layers of feelings, sin, unbelief, etc that lurk in our hearts – but by taking these issues to God, we’re dealing with them, proving our faith, not hardening our hearts against Him.

31 03 2009

Oh, I get it – you mean you prove that you really believe by acting on that belief i.e. doing what you say based on what you know to be true. Okeydokey.

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