Good Books

23 03 2009

I’m reading The Jesus Way. It’s a great book. Here’s a quote:

“Following Jesus necessarily means getting his ways and means into our everyday lives. It is not enough simply to recognise and approve his ways and get started in the right direction. Jesus’ ways are meant to be embraced by our imaginations and assimilated into our habits. This takes place only as we pray our following of him. It cannot be imposed from without, cannot be copied. It must be shaped from within. This shaping takes place in prayer. The practice of prayer is the primary way that Jesus’ way comes to permeate our entire lives so that we walk spontaneously and speak rhythmically in the fluidity and fluency of holiness.

“Left to ourselves we are a fragmented and distracted people, jerky and spasmodic. Sin does that to us.”

(p216 – 217)




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