Mother’s Day

22 03 2009

I’d such high hopes. I sneaked a look out the bedroom window just to check if there was a shiny red sports car with a big pink bow round it in the drive. Alas. I ripped open my card, ready to catch the tickets to Barbados for a three week break. Alas. I opened my green plastic carrier bag with fear and trepidation. Fears confirmed. I was gifted a spaghetti measuring tool so that I don’t keep boiling too much.

Given that we have spaghetti approximately twice a year and that I cook enough for half a person extra, how long will it take to cover the cost of a metal gadget from Lakeland?

(This was from my husband. My older daughter got me a bag of her favourite sweets and the other one made me some chocolate crispies. My son – the eldest – still doesn’t know it was Mother’s Day.)




3 responses

31 03 2009

a spaghetti server – so not a DS lite then – shame…

3 04 2009

Alas. And I was holding out for one. But you knew it would have to be a gadget of some sort!

22 06 2009
Father’s Day « Feemail

[…] 22 06 2009 Having shared the Mother’s Day fiasco with you, I thought I’d better do the same with Father’s Day. My husband received a Superman […]

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