Forgive yourself??

19 03 2009

One of the “in” phrases that really bugs me just now is “even though I know God has forgiven me, I’m having trouble forgiving myself”.

Utter mince. Where do you find that in the Bible? Its modern speak for, “I don’t want you to think I’m a bad person. Nor do I want to face up to what I’ve done and have to put it right.” It is entirely self-focussed. Never mind “against You and You only have I sinned, oh God.” Psalm 51 v 4.  Its “against me and my reputation have I made a big mistake, oh self” It completely misses the point and could be incredibly harmful if we think “forgiving ourselves” is equal to repentance and forgiveness from God. The former doesn’t matter a jot, the latter is vital if we desire to actually be forgiven and released from the bondage we’re in.

The key points are

  • Get God in the centre. He’s the one we sin against – always.
  • Repent and ask His forgiveness (i.e. stop the sin, put it right as far as you can)
  • Cling to God’s promise of forgiveness
  • Build your life on God’s instruction.

Thereafter we don’t live our lives in fear of failure. We are truly cleansed and forgiven by Jesus’ blood and that’s what we base our confidence on. Not some back-patting, self-pandering nonsense.




2 responses

23 03 2009

Great stuff. But what are we coming to. At this rate women will soon have the vote.

24 03 2009

Caught red handed! We’re taking over the world..

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