Where have all the Real Men gone?

16 03 2009

Has anyone noticed the dearth of real men?

I’m sick of childhood lasting till you’re 30 / giving your self-esteem a regular pep talk / everything is relative to me…

Here is a Real Man (adapted from Proverbs 32)

• He loves Jesus and isn’t ashamed to admit it.
• He takes responsibility for himself and his family.
• He tells the truth
• He stands up for the truth
• He considers the needs of others before his own.
• He reads the Bible and puts its teaching into practice.
• He admits he’s wrong even when he’s not.
• He puts the bins out.

My husband fails on the last one.




4 responses

2 04 2009
Dave Shedden

I’m no fool… there is no Proverbs 32. And, if I was a bit serious for the first 23 years of my life, can’t I get away with enjoying being a little less serious in the 25 to 35 phase of life? 🙂

3 04 2009

Bet you looked it up. And you’re proving my point, you unreal man. Responsibility = serious therefore must be avoided at all cost. Speak to your pal, Nicky, and get some tips from him…

3 04 2009
Dave Shedden

I taught Nicky everything he knows about being serious. I now need some time out.

And I did look up Proverbs but I already knew the answer… just wanted to check if there was some clever play on Proverbs 31.

Why can’t every woman run a business, do community work, look after her children, care for her extended family, and still be a great wife? Where is the real woman who will turn me into a responsible man, respected by all at the city gate?

4 04 2009

I’m already married.

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